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What do students say about our online courses?

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Since I am from Slovakia, this format suits me perfectly. I have attended a few seminars in the Czech Republic, but in terms of distance, it can be quite exhausting. I already knew a lot of things from the webinar beforehand, but in each of the sessions, there was at least one key piece of information that was crucial for me and greatly influenced my view of training. The most important thing, however, is that everything immediately started to be reflected in the performance of my dogs. So, for me, it's great and a big thank you.

Marcel Matušák

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I want to thank you for this course. Thanks to this online seminar, I finally understood the proper use of EVO and decided to choose EVO from Martin System. My choice was right because now I can see the benefits and especially the results of using this collar. So thank you again.

Ivet Nováčková

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More than a month ago, I purchased some seminars from you, and I can't help but send you the result - a few weeks ago, we trained so hard that even pork chops were not a good motivational tool. Every day, I watch your videos from the purchased seminars over and over again and always find something new there. After discovering NePoPo thanks to you, we started from scratch (food drive, motivational box - for us, a plastic container, shaping) and here are the results from the last 4 weeks. NePoPo is a great comprehensive system and I must say that I am thrilled with it. Thanks for the inspiration and I wish you many satisfied clients like this!

Robert Mráz