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NePoPo® Seminar

Order in your city, anywhere in the world. The seminar includes:

NePoPo® Theory

Important theoretical concepts and principles to understand the NePoPo® system, as well as general canine knowledge.

NePoPo® Games

Role games that serve to understand the NePoPo® system. Games using clickers, as well as with the help of electronic training collars.

NePoPo® Training

Practical training of participant dogs during the seminar. Individual problem-solving.


Space for discussion and answering participants' questions during the seminar.

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Feedback from seminar participants


Great trainer, excellently explained questions, willing to devote individual attention and tailor the direction of training to the needs of the dog and handler and their focus, practical experience and demonstrations are a great asset and help. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Milan Mačinga

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We attended the seminar and I was thrilled. Great and comprehensive explanation, everything explained understandably, plus a nice and entertaining approach. What captivated me about this training system, above all, was the willingness of the dog to perform exercises with enthusiasm and wait for further commands as if it were a fulfilled dream. My dog used to work for me because he had to. Now we're working on him working because he wants to. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves their dog and wants them to perform at their best. Whether they are top-tier dog athletes or just companions heading to the couch. 👍🙂

Eva Zuckerová

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Last year, I attended two seminars organized by Martin in Prague, at ZKO Braník. Already at these two seminars, it was clear to me that the training system Martin presents significantly differs from those available at most ZKOs (dog training clubs). Thanks to the information Martin provides, I finally began to understand my seemingly 'stubborn' dog and deepened our relationship. That's why I couldn't miss another seminar. Just like the previous two, I gained a large amount of important and interesting information and enjoyed the great atmosphere we all created together. Martin explains things very understandably, often from several perspectives. I recommend it to anyone who isn't satisfied with the minimum and wants to move forward with their dog. Martin, thanks again, and I look forward to the continuation...

Michal Marek

unnamed 4

Martin, thank you for the comprehensive seminar, which was top-notch 👍. It was very enjoyable to listen to you, and it had substance 😉. There was a wealth of information for both beginners and experienced dog trainers. The training system is very well-developed, and I already use some partial methods myself, but thanks to you, I've created a very cohesive set that I'll be able to incorporate, especially into sports dog training.

Kirka - Výcvik psov

unnamed 5

Thank you so much for the seminar full of new knowledge and experiences. I received the answers I needed to know, and everything fell into place nicely, and things suddenly made sense. I dare say that no one has come up with a better system than NePoPo so far because it's not just about training but also about understanding how the dog thinks. Martin, I'm glad I could meet you, once again, a big thank you, and I look forward to the next seminar 😊

Renata Orlovská

unnamed 6

I attended the seminar and can only give positive feedback. I learned a lot of new and meaningful insights that I will certainly use in training. Everything that I didn't understand before was explained nicely, and finally, everything makes sense. I will definitely participate in similar events again.

Slavomíra Pipasíková

An average teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A great teacher demonstrates. The best teacher inspires.

Charles Farrar Browne

American writer


The most frequently asked questions about organizing a NePoPo® seminar

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The seminar price is determined by the daily rate. However, each country has a different rate. Additionally, the seminar requires considering the costs of transportation, accommodation, and meals for the instructor. For the exact price, please contact us.kontaktujte.

For practicing pairs, the limit is 12 teams (dog and handler). For spectators, the capacity is unlimited, usually determined by the venue’s capabilities.

The NePoPo® seminar typically lasts two days (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM). However, it can be shorter or longer by agreement.

Yes, in the past, we have conducted seminars on motivation, problem behavior, scent work, and many others. If you are interested, please contact us.

No, this is entirely at the discretion of the organizer, as is the capacity.

Yes, we provide these seminars free of charge. If you are interested, please contact us.

Space for theory (which can also be outdoors) and space for practical training.