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The Language od Modern Dog Training

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About NePoPo®

Language of Modern Dog training

NePoPo® is a system created by Bart and Michael Bellon. It stands for Negative Positive Positive. This training method enhances communication between the dog and its owner, making it more effective and enjoyable.

The NePoPo® system gives dogs a sense of control over their environment. This is how we train them to be enterprising, innovative, and passionate partners. Executing commands with commitment and enthusiasm! NePoPo® combines the best of today’s positive approach and traditional methods.

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Become a NePoPo® instructor

New NePoPo® Gold school

After completing the New NePoPo® Silver School, the next step is the New NePoPo® Gold School. Deep practice is very important for us, so our school lasts for 3 months and consists mainly of two 5-day NePoPo® camps spaced exactly 3 months apart. During this break, students will have online coaching.

New NePoPo® Gold School is conducted in English (possible translation into Czech).


The primary location is the Czech Republic. However, the school can be opened upon request worldwide.

Hotel and food

Accommodation and meals during the two 5-day camps are included in the price of the NePoPo® school. It is important for us that the whole class stays together.

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about NePoPo®

Yes. The advantage of the system is that every dog adapts to it, while also taking into account its individuality. NePoPo® utilizes the “full quadrant”, it doesn’t demonize other methods, but rather seeks the appropriate path specifically for each team.

Immediately. Whether you have an 8-week-old puppy or an adult dog doesn’t matter. In NePoPo®, we believe in gradual development and understand that some things require time that cannot be rushed. The foundation is socialization, the alphabet for life, character development, learning skills, behavior, and only then the creation of specific exercises.

Shaping is one of many ways to shape an exercise. Shaping has many advantages, and the strongest one is that behavior the dog invents itself is several times stronger. The dog remembers it better and loves performing it.

After all, there is a difference between a father wanting his son to be a footballer and the son wanting to be a footballer himself.

By attending a seminar, workshop, event, or individual sessions with a certified NePoPo® instructor who has already trained their own dogs in this system.

By completing the New NePoPo® Silver School.

By joining the Arka Team – Czech NePoPo® Training Group.

Negative reinforcement is a term from Skinner’s quadrant of consequences of behavior in operant conditioning.

The word “negative” means that something is taken away from the behavior. The word “reinforcement” means that the behavior becomes stronger.

Imagine a dog pulling on a leash towards something it wants. It’s being choked on the collar (NePo – pressure), but the discomfort is lower than the dog’s desire to reach its goal. When it reaches its goal, the choking stops (NePo – end of pressure), and at the same time, it achieves its goal (Po). Pulling on the leash is thus rewarded twice. Firstly, by negative reinforcement, and secondly, by positive reinforcement. The dog repeats this behavior, and because of NePo>Po, the behavior becomes stronger and stronger. We apply this principle to every exercise.

We incorporate the NePo component (gentle pressure) into exercises when the dog enjoys performing the given exercise. Thus, by using this pressure, we do not punish undesirable behavior, but rather reinforce desirable behavior.

This later gives us the opportunity to use this pressure if the dog does not obey a known command. However, due to previous training, the dog understands the pressure, is not stressed by it, does not fear it, but instead immediately returns to the desired behavior.

The system thus prepares the dog for situations where the dog obeys a known command, but also when it does not obey, thus building reliable obedience at the highest level.

The NePoPo® system is a politically acceptable system that fully cares about the animal welfare of dogs while guaranteeing reliable obedience.

The electronic collar is a tool that has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the ability to work at any distance, perfect timing, and consistent pressure strength. The disadvantage is that the dog does not understand the electronic language, and explaining the electronic collar requires a high level of canine knowledge and practice.

In NePoPo®, we use the electronic collar with low stimulations to reinforce desirable behavior for its aforementioned advantages. Ultimately, the electronic collar is an invisible leash with which we communicate with the dog.

However, the electronic collar is not a necessity for the NePoPo® system.

about NePoPo® Gold school

The price includes a 3-month school, 2x five-day camps, accommodation and meals for 10 days, and a certificate. All inclusive. For the exact price, please contact us.

The primary language is English. Upon request, translation into Czech is possible.

If we are opening a class with Nathalie Van Laeken, other available languages ​​are French and Dutch.

Accommodation and meals for 10 days are included in the school fee.

It is important for us that the entire class stays together and spends time together having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then enjoying a beer together. A lot of information is exchanged outside of the school, and it’s also necessary to get to know each other, build friendships. We call this NePoPo® Family.

Accommodation is provided in a cozy guesthouse. Meals are provided in the form of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks and beverages are available throughout the stay.

The maximum is 10 people. A class of 10 people is just right, allowing enough time to focus on each individual while also providing enough space for students to learn from each other.

Yes, it is possible to split the payment for the school into two parts.