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Complaints Procedurs

Tickets (seminars, workshops, courses, weekends, camps, and other canine events)

By purchasing tickets, the customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions placed on the website
Paid admission fees or deposits for admission are non-refundable and become the property of the organizer to cover the costs incurred in organizing.
Paid admission fees or deposits for admission can be transferred to another participant, this fact must be reported immediately to
No compensation is provided for lost tickets.
Tickets must be kept in a secure place to prevent misuse.
Forging tickets is illegal.

The organizer reserves the right to change its program, date, and venue.

By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge this right of the organizer as a customer.
The organizer is not liable for any damage or other harm incurred by the customer or any third party in connection with the event, in particular, the organizer is not liable for any expenses incurred by the customer in connection with the change or holding of the event, such as accommodation and transport fees.
The organizer is not obliged to recognize complaints about tickets if it exercises the reserved right to change the program, place, or date of the event. By purchasing a ticket, the customer acknowledges this right of the organizer.

The event visitor is obliged to comply with the operating and visitor rules of the event venue and is obliged to respect the instructions of the organizer and persons authorized by him.

Due to the reasons stated in § 1837, letter j) of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the ticket purchase by the procedural method under § 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal within 14 days without giving a reason) because, in this case, it is a contract for the use of leisure time, and the performance (participation in the event to which the ticket entitles) is provided within a specified period or period.

If an event on which the customer has already purchased an electronic ticket is canceled, the purchase price will be refunded to the customer under these conditions:
– in the case of an electronic ticket, the paid price will be refunded to the customer by bank transfer after making a claims

Online Canine Education

The user expressly requests access to online lessons, courses, and seminars within 14 days before the expiry of the withdrawal period, i.e. before the expiry of the period for withdrawal, thereby losing the right to withdraw from the contract

If the online canine education does not work properly for the User, i.e., the Online section is not accessible after logging in due to reasons on the part of the Company, the User can contact the Company at any time via the email address The Company will correct the defect caused by reasons on the side of the Company within 2 business days. In the case of a delay in removing the defect, the Company will provide the User with a discount on the fee of 0.1% of the actually paid fee for each day of delay, up to a maximum of the fee actually paid by the User.

All inquiries and complaints shall be delivered to the customer at:
Ing. Martin Laco, MBA
Řesanice 66
Kasejovice, 33544
Tel: +420 607080580