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"The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing." - Aristotle

About me

NePoPo® Instructor

I am a certified NePoPo® instructor and I certify other NePoPo® students in my New NePoPo® Gold School.
I organize or am invited as an instructor to many NePoPo® seminars and workshops worldwide.

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I am also a holder of a professional qualification for dog training and education, certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Additionally, I teach and certify future canine professionals through the professional qualification accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

As the only Czech, I hold the international certification of IACP – Professional level. IACP is an international association of professional dog trainers, where I am currently also a member of the executive board for Europe.

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Martin Laco


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+420 607 080 580 or

Our history


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to the year 2015

It started like hobby

I've been with dogs since I was born. At home, we had various mixed breeds, a Chihuahua, a Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherds, and others. Canine training was a hobby, a place to escape to whenever there was free time. I went to dog training classes, attended canine seminars, and freely advised others. It was a easy time 🙂

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Founded the Arka Dog School

We are building a training field near Mladá Boleslav, where we are establishing a Dog School for family dogs. Every day, I go to work, but after work, I assist owners with common training issues, and I continue to train and educate myself in the field of canine training.


NePoPo® Gold Certification

Successfully completed the NePoPo® School in Belgium and obtained the NePoPo® certification. I am qualified to teach the NePoPo® system. Currently preparing a Belgian Malinois named Raven for Mondioring competitions.

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Founded company Arka K9

We are now fully dedicated to canine training. We are founding Arka Team and opening an e-shop. We are organizing the first NePoPo® seminars and workshops for the public and sports teams.

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International cooperation

Seminars and workshops worldwide for sports teams, armed forces, or emergency response units. Lecturing at schools, universities, and professional events. Opening the New Gold NePoPo® School. Appointment to the executive board of IACP for Europe.

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Certified company

We have international certifications for dog training and education.

Professional approach

Professional approach with a focus on individual customer needs.

International experience

We have canine experience from all around the world.

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