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Pet dog training

We will teach your dog reliable recall, leash walking, stay, and other life-saving commands that you need for a carefree life with your dog.


Working dog training

We prepare handlers for sport or service purposes in the NePoPo® system. We address the problems that arise during this training. Mondioring, IGP, NZŘ, and others.

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Boarding training

The dog is placed with us for several weeks. We will teach him reliable basic obedience or address and eliminate undesirable problem behavior.

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We train for mondioring. We have a training area with all the obstacles and setups. Obedience, jumps, and protection with a ring suit.

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Dog sitting

Dog sitting in a family environment. Dogs under our care typically spend the day with us, including training, walks, and relaxation. For new clients: initial meeting required.

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Arka Team

Are you interested in the NePoPo® system? We train for mondioring, IGP, TART, search and rescue, and more. Training sessions are held every week, plus additional benefits from being a member of the Arka Team.

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Behaviorals issues

We help with resolving aggressive and problem behavior such as aggression, reactivity, fear, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and more.

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Modern e-collar training

Modern training with an electronic collar using low-level stimulations, where undesirable behavior is not punished but desirable behavior is reinforced. Training with an invisible leash.

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Private training

Don't have time to go to the training field? Need training at your home? We'll come to you.

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